Here we go!

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve sat in front of a screen and tried to make a blog post. I have so many things and thoughts I want to share and yet so little time to organize it all.

Today I’m trying this "having your own website" thing again. Why? Etsy is getting too costly. They’ve even started taking out fees from shipping costs... What?! How is any of that theirs to take? Anyway.

I’ve been trying to do woodburned art that sings to my soul and I’m more than joyous that many of you are in love with the finished pieces as I am!
Throughout this journey I’ve come to appreciate the amount of time, effort, love and patience my pieces take. They are worth every penny but I also know that during this chaotic and unsure time, the price can be a bit much for some.
So I started brainstorming of ways to get these same pieces out to more people with a friendlier budget. And tada! 

My woodburned art showcased on a vinyl sticker.

I would write more but it’s late and I’m tired. If you’ve read this far I want to thank you. Thank you for following me along this artistic journey of mine and thank you for the amazing support you continue to show me and my small business dream come true. 



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