New office desk find!

Talk about finding treasure, Chris and I really hit the jackpot with this desk and char find:

Let me tell you about this desk real quick (LOL). 

I’ve had a steel mechanic’s table for the last 3 or 4 years gifted by my dad for my woodburning. It’s been amazing but it was overly large and tall without any storage space and so the top was always ridiculously cluttered. I used a kitchen table chair with 3 pillows and a folded throw on the seat to be the height I needed for the table.

This last weekend we organized the office which is half Thomas’s toy room (an no our office isn’t glamorously large, its actually the smallest room so it gets chaotic quick lol) to put away the “baby” toys (which he insists he’s still a baby too and needs them) and as I was organizing the room I noticed just how much the table was in the way. So I took a break and hopped on Offer up. I was looking for an older style wooden desk with drawers lining each side. I’d go nuts for the $30 desks that needed revamping before Thomas but now, I have absolutely no time for it. So to try and find a ready to go desk in decent shape in a decent budget.. *sigh* I kept looking and saved a few options and Chris tried to persuade me that fixing up not so great ones wouldn’t take that long. Then I saw it.

A mid century modern executive desk, VERY well maintained, stained, oiled, all the drawers worked and it came with a burnt orange leather executive rolling desk chair and heavy duty chair mat all for $80. I was like SHUT UP. 3 weeks it’s been on there so my first assumption was it was already sold and they forgot to update it. But it wasn’t!!! They wrote back a few hours later and 2 days afree we hopped in the Jeep and got it. You could tell they were very well off so they must not have known the value of what they were giving away or just didn’t care and wanted to get rid of it.  We looked up the brand (Stowe & Davis) and this desk can easily go for 2k in its condition. To say we were shocked and overjoyed is an understatement. Chris just got a new position where he’ll need a desk at home to work on that isn’t the dining table and it’s a great desk for me to burn on with so much storage space that gives both Chris and I room for both of our things.

We could not ask for anything better. 
What happened to the steel mechanics table? It is now where it properly belongs: in Chris’s garage with all his tools :) win win!

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