Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday was the “Grand Opening” of this new website and NEW products!
And what a success! My amazing tribe on Instagram shared stories and kind words of all the ‘new new’ and it definitely helped boost my confidence. 

Woodburned vinyl stickers. I would never have dreamed that I could turn my woodburned art into amazing quality vinyl stickers.

Debuting both the website and stickers were a bit nerve wracking. Kind of like that feeling before you head into an interview. You want to make sure you impress and not fall on your face with mistakes. I’ve had my fair share of technical complications during sales and checkouts and it’s the worst!


So I count today and yesterday as a success.

I am so thankful for everyone of you who continue to love and support me and this small business of mine in all the ways you do. 

Muah! Mary


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