On our way to FET! Covid test and pre Hysteroscopy

Tis the week before Hysteroscopy.

I told myself that I would keep this blog updated as well as I could with writing down my experience during this FET journey. 

Let me give you a little set up right now:

Thomas is flipping the light switch off and on in the office lol I’ve sternly told him twice to turn it back on, I’ve got The Great British Bake Off on in the corner of the iPad as I’m typing this simultaneously. I’ve rewatched the whole series I don’t even know how many times. It soothes my anxiety lol. 

This is the first good morning I’ve had in maybe a week (related to birth control pills which I’ll talk about here). I had my iced coffee which was already made when I woke up (yay), the sun is shining, it’s warm out, I’m working on our new amazing desk which there is a whole separate blog post on because it’s that great lol. Seriously the best thrift find we’ve ever happened on.

So I finally got my Hysteroscopy scheduled this Monday with my new OBGYN which insurance should be paying HOORAY. You guys know how stressed I was about that because out of pocket at the fertility clinic was ~$800.

As a precruiting I have to get a COVID-19 screening done beforehand.
It was done yesterday afternoon and I was so nervous. I YouTubed other people getting it done and it didn’t seem AWFUL but you could tell it was unpleasant.
So I went to the backside of my urgent care, rang the door bell, went back to my care and waited. The nurse came out with her gear and kit and told me what the swab was and how she’d insert it into both nostrils.
I pulled down my mask to just cover my mouth, tilted my head up and in went the swab. I felt it go into my nose, and in, and in, and Oh My gosh when was it going to stop?? It wasn’t painful but it wan’t pleasant.
They take a very long thin q-tip swab and stick it as far up your nose and then downwards and it has the distinct feeling you get when you snort water during a swim. Eyes watering, back of your nose and throat burning. I felt like I needed to cough something back up my nose for the following 2 hours.

The nurse said if it comes back positive I’ll get a call, if not then I won’t hear anything back. So hopefully I won’t get a phone call back.

This Monday morning I‘lol have to eat a light breakfast and the last of any food or drink before 7am until nothing else until freaking 6pm! My check in is at 3:30pm and the procedure doesn’t start til 5:30 omg. It’s okay. It’ll be fine. 

I shouldn’t have to take such intense precautions because I won’t be opting for general anesthesia since the procedure will only take a few minutes. Most of the time this is done awake with light sedatives but I understand just in case. 

I started Birth Control pills a week and a half ago which will prevent my uterus lining from thickening. This is  what you want when you have a Hysteroscopy or you’d have to wait for period day 5-12 when you stop bleeding during that time. I started taking my BC at 11am everyday and noticed I started developing really intense symptoms such as:

- diarrhea
- sinus headaches
- migraines
- nausea
- stomach aches
- and all around just feeling like straight crap.

On day 5 I told my nurse about this and how I wanted to change BC after my procedure (we don’t want any disruptions beforehand by switching medication)

She told me to try taking them at night so I did. I took the nauseating BC with the nauseating prenatal and combined, had the worst night sleep and even more so, worse morning. I’ve never had a hangover before but I’m sure the what I was feeling was relatable to one.

Thomas gave me hugs all day long like he could sense I needed them. Chris told me my face said it all so maybe that’s why lol. I took multiple breathing breaks and did some stretching and yoga poses, whatever felt right to my body to try and feel better but honestly nothing was working. I only started to feel better at night ... when it was time to take it again *SIGH*

I tried some problem solving and last night I took my BC with a late night meal right before bed and skipped my Prenatal. I took my prenatal around 10am with a sand which and chips and I’m doing alright! I think if I have another good day tomorrow I may just stick with it to this schedule. 

So for the Hysteroscopy, Dr. Maynard said I don’t need to be under general anesthesia as the procedure itself will only take a few minutes so I’ll be talking to the Anesthetist day of and asking for other options. Pain medication or other light sedatives. We shall see. 

I’ll do another update the day before or day after! I’m really not looking forward to not eating all day. And will try not to stuff my face afterwards and cause another ache lol.

Signing off!

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