Post Hysteroscopy

It’s 8:41am, Tuesday and I am tired. I haven’t really touched my coffee because I’m feeling a little eh. Like if I drink it I’ll get nauseous but sooner or later I will have to drink it lol. I don’t know how some of you don’t need caffeine! (You’re probably much healthier than I am lol)

Background info: Hysteroscopy is where they put a small lighted scope with a camera in through your cervix and they examine your uterus to ensure there are no abnormalities (fibroids, cysts, left over placenta, etc)


At 11:30am we took Thomas to a secluded ocean front  and it was extremely low tide so got to see all the shells stuck in the sand. We did this little trip to get Thomas tuckered out to fall asleep on the ride home so he’d be up and refreshed for his play date with his cousin and TT who’d watch him during our procedure. 

WELL he did Not go to sleep lol in fact he put him down for one and 15 minutes later he came out of his room without a diaper or his pants ... yah.

It was time to go soon so I did my hair in French braid style but just in poofs, not braids. So rubber bands every 3 inches, poof it out and band the next one etc.
This would make it easier for me to get my hair into the surgical net they provide. For any procedure my best advice is to wear super comfy and easy to get on/off clothes and same for shoes. After waking from anesthesia you’ll be fairly weak and won’t want to fuss with getting your difficult clothes on.

We left around 2:40 to Chris’s sisters and guess who decided to fall asleep 5 minutes out? *sigh* We had to hand him over and literally run back to the car and go. We felt bad because we knew Thomas would be a little confused when waking up but he had his cousin who is only a few months older so he’d be okay.

We pulled into the parking garage (which we could never do in our previous lifted truck) and half way off the ramp to the next floor we heard a CRUNCH and Chris immediately stopped and gasped LOLLL we ran over a plastic bottle XD

We got to the hospital 3rd floor, temp checked, elevator to 2nd floor, checked in, back to 3rd floor surgery elevator, 6th floor surgery waiting, down a flight of stairs to 5th floor short stay surgery AND finally to our room 536.

Moon, Pat and Lauren were my nurses.
Super amazing and nice nurses. Moon made my IV as comfortably as she could which was SO appreciated. 

We waited almost 3 hours til we got rolled into the operating room. The hospital was pretty busy because it was their “Trauma Day” where any trauma in the area comes to their hospital. Chris and I have experience having to wait and we’re patient so it was no big deal. The couple next door I felt so badly for. It sounded like the husband was in a bad accident and the wife was due for labor any day. 

This always puts life into perspective.

I came out of surgery with a fat lip (like.. how?? Lol ugh) and was in a little bit of pain and some bad cramping but was given IV meds which made me feel 95% so all was good.

Chris grabbed our favorite pizza (Abella’s Pizza Tacoma, WA) omg yesss and all we had to do was pick up Thomas and head home.

It was roughly 9:30 by the time we got home and we had a good night. Chris is such a great partner. He made sure I could just relax while he made his lunch for work the next day and got everyone ready for bed.

This morning was a little tough to wake up (I’m still half way there) and there was a learning curve writing on the keyboard with the new nails I put on. These suckers took 3 hrs to do but they are gorgeous and I’m excited to know how to do my own nails now! I got a few compliments at the hospital so yay!

Other than the fat lip, sore throat from breathing tube, light bleeding and body soreness, I’m good!
If anyone ever has questions don’t hesitate to drop a comment. I’ll answer as best I can :)

I’m blogging to note down my experience but also to let others they are not alone in these journeys. It may not always be pleasant but you Are strong and will get through <3.

With love, Mary


Side note: I was panning to only do light sedatives or maybe no sedatives but in the end chose to go under general anesthesia as it would all around be easier for all doctors. I didn’t want to be a distraction during the procedure and not having to be in discomfort as well.

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