About the artist

Hey there! Thanks a bunch for swinging by and showing some love for my [rebranded] Tiny Business!

I'm Mary, the bookmark boss lady. Let me share a few tidbits about me:

I've been crafting bookmarks for a solid decade. It all began with me hand-burning each one, but now I've upgraded to laser engraving – fancy, right?

When I'm not crafting, I'm momming it up with my trio of kiddos (ages 5, 2.5, and 2.5), and I couldn't do it without my rockstar partner who's been my biggest cheerleader.
I love reading all genres ranging from biographies to rom com to horror.
Mood Reader Soul.

I'm currently on a journey of self-care and inner growth, which led me to simplify my business – because who needs extra stress?

Crafting these wood bookmarks brings me pure joy and connects me with the coolest bookworms out there. I hope you dive into the magic of these bookmarks and join my awesome tribe!