Size: The average bookmark size is roughly 2"x5" [two inches wide by five inches tall]. Each listing will provide the accurate measurement for that bookmark.

Material: All bookmarks are made with thin and durable wood.

Shipping method: Our bookmarks are shipped via USPS. You'll see the list of shipping services provided for your location at checkout.

TrackingAll orders will be provided with a tracking number. You can use these to follow the route of your order as it ships via USPS.

Returns: Unfortunately, not. Due to the limited schedule of this tiny business, we won't be able to process returns (because it's a process lol). 
If there is concern with your order, feel free to send us a message and we'll see what's going on!

Cancellations: Yes, we can! If your order hasn't been processed to ship yet, we will be able to cancel your order and you will get a confirmation email of the cancellation & refund information.

Feedback: I'd love to hear your feedback on your bookmark purchase! 

I'm striving to create my small business into the coziest, minimal bookmark shop as I can that way, I have can enjoy what I love doing and also enjoy real life and my family too. It's all about balance.